Budget and Control Board Office of General Counsel

Office of General Counsel
P.O. Box 11608
Columbia, SC 29211
Phone: (803) 734-1261
FAX: (803) 734-1276


(State Agency fraud only)


The Office of General Counsel provides legal support for the State Budget and Control Board. The Office was created as a discrete unit of the Board in 1993. The creation of this office as a consolidated legal office was pursuant to the recommendation of the Lightsey Study Committee, designed to reduce overall Board costs and increase quality and efficiency of legal services. The Office provides the Board a means to manage its own legal matters without relying heavily on private attorneys.

The Office of General Counsel serves three major objectives: (1) providing efficient and cost-effective legal services; (2) providing comprehensive legal policy; and (3) providing for continuity of legal services. The Office operates within the Office of Executive Director; however, staff attorneys are assigned, on a full-time basis, to some of the major Divisions of the Board.

The Office of General Counsel provides legal support in several areas of the law, including tort; personnel; retirement; procurement; information technology; public finance; employee benefits; insurance; real property; contracts; and administrative law. In addition to serving as primary legal counsel to the Board, the Office advises officials and staff of the various Divisions of the Board, litigates matters on behalf of the Divisions, reviews the viability of potential claims for and against the Board, assesses legal issues which may arise in specific transactions or occurrences, manages outside legal counsel, and stays abreast of legal matters that impact the work of the Board and its Divisions.